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    Question New NP & POS

    I just started working for Primary care and I need some help with the Billing and POS for a New NP in a different location. In the process of hiring a New NP and she will be in a different location 1. New NP A she will use an OBGYN clinic on Wed and Thurs... The OB is closed on Wed...
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    Provider moving practice location

    Hello everyone! We have a provider who left her previous practice, and is joining ours. We bill everything with our group NPI and tax ID, but individual NPI as rendering. We are in mental health, and she is our first prescriber (DNP). Everyone else at the practice is LPC, MSW, or LP. She is...
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    Billing for non-credentialed Nurse Practicioner

    We have a new NP that is not yet credentialed with all payers (only MCR and MCD). The physician wants to bill everything under his NPI. Not all of the encounters meet incident to requirements, some are new patient visits or new chief complaints. Also, not all payers go by MCR guidelines on...