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    Wiki Can an NP or a PA bill Observation Codes for Medicare Patients?

    Hello, Can an NP ( Nurse Practitioner ) or a PA ( Physician Assistant ) bill for Hospital Observation Codes 99234-99236 for Medicare Patients? Is this allowed and paid by Medicare? Thank you.
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    Wiki Observation coding when covering

    If my provider is covering for the admitting physician during a subsequent observation visit will my provider code the obs codes (99224-99226) since she is acting in place of the admitting physician or would we code the office E&M code? Thanks!
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    Wiki Hospitalists - Medicare retractions for Observation E/M

    Hi all - I am looking for some guidance. I am receiving Medicare Part B retractions after payment was made for my hospitalists providers Observation E/M services (mostly Discharge 99217) with retraction denial of paid to another provider. Our group is only allowed one code per day per patient...
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    Wiki Billing Observation Codes

    My Cardiologist see's patients as observation at the hospital frequently and is not the admitting/attending Dr and he bills 99212-99215. Some insurances state that 99212-99215 is an OV and charges the patients a copay. If I can not bill a new patient code 99201-99205 or a consult 99241-99245...