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  1. jarndtx1

    Wiki Observation and Inpatient billing

    Hello, I need a bit more of understanding on this. When an insurance does not accept a consult and they are billed in an observation setting, I know they are to be billed as an office exam. My question is if they are seen the next day and still being seen as in observation do we still bill...
  2. P

    Wiki Can an NP or a PA bill Observation Codes for Medicare Patients?

    Hello, Can an NP ( Nurse Practitioner ) or a PA ( Physician Assistant ) bill for Hospital Observation Codes 99234-99236 for Medicare Patients? Is this allowed and paid by Medicare? Thank you.
  3. L

    Wiki E/M Observation Status question

    A physician was asked to consult on a MEDICARE patient that is in observation status. what category of E&M code would you use? **I am so confused on this one.??
  4. S

    Wiki Established patient codes (99211-15) vs Subseq hosp codes (99231-33) for outpt stay

    Question pertaining billing established patient codes versus subsequent hospital codes for an outpatient stay, POS 22: Why we would use E/M 99212-99215 with POS 22 instead of the subsequent observation care codes 99224-99226? Is there an advantage of using one set of codes over another, or...