office visits

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    Wiki 99211 with an Office Visit E/M

    The patient was seen by the nurse for a PPD skin test placement and then by the doctor for a typical office visit. In the office visit the provider mentions that the patient received the skin test on that day and the documentation read was ordered. My understanding is that two E/Ms cannot be...
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    Wiki Question: 2021 Updated E/M Guidelines for Office Visits

    I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. But I am a bit confused, based on the 2021 guidelines the CPT codes and usage for the office visit still contains the corresponding time/duration the provider can spend with the patient. So... do we use the CPT codes based on the...
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    Wiki Modifier 25 with OV for Scheduled Prolia/Evenity Injections

    We have a physician that does scheduled Prolia/Evenity injections. We understand that you cannot charge an OV with a -25 modifier when the purpose of the visit is for a scheduled injection. However, we have some questions for anyone who bill these injections. Our physician does a complete...