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    Distal Fibular Fracture ICD10

    there is a discussion re: distal fibular fracture ICD10 coding. Pt has a fx repaired of distal fibula. Fx is not in the Fibula shaft. Radiology report and provider's report just states "distal fibula" fx. Is this enough to use the lateral malleous fx ICD10? From an anatomical standing, it seems...
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    Success with Batch Attestation Upload Option for EPs??

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has had success with the Batch Attestation Upload option for EPs on the CMS EHR website, and can advise as to how it's done for a group of EPs? The option went live last year, but the only instructions CMS has uses an EH as an example. I've called the EHR...
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    Wiki Help with Code for Wound Infection

    We see this scenario a lot in our ER.... patient comes in with a puncture or laceration to finger and it is infected. In ICD-9 we used code 883.1, which was an open wound, complicated, and the complicated option covered a "wound infection". This option no longer exists with ICD-10. Any ideas...