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    There's dental code D7270 for splinting of avulsed or dislocated teeth (teeth were splinted with wire and dental bond) due to trauma, but I cannot find a "perfect" CPT code. I've considered 21085...but is this the best code to use? :unsure:
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    Question CRNA Questions

    We are adding another maxillofacial surgeon to our Arkansas practice and, though he is certified to administer anesthesia, he has requested us to hire a CRNA to administer anesthesia for all his cases. If moderate (conscious) sedation is administered, can we use CPT codes 99143, 99144, 99145...
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    BCBS Cross Coding Oral/Maxiollofacial Surgery (CPT to CDT)

    Hello everyone! My name is Mallory and I work as a coder/biller for an oral/maxiollofacial surgeon in Lee's Summit, MO. While the majority of our practice is dental related (wisdom teeth, jaw bone grafting, etc.) my physician also does trauma rounds at the hospital, sees patient's for oral...
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    OMS coding for xrays

    I work at an oral surgeons office and our Implant procedures require multiple X-rays over a period of treatment. Our Dr.s are interested in grouping the X-rays together under one code for one fee. Is this possible? I'm very skeptical. If it is, which code is applicable?
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    Orthognathic surgery

    When billing for ortho surgery and using an assistant, does the 80 go on 21141? Or does the assistant get his own code with 80? I would think the 80 is amended to the original procedure code. We're also using 21196 with an assistant. Same question as above and am I adding 51? THANK YOU!!!
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    Pre-radiation tooth extractions

    Good morning. I have been searching the web this morning for an answer, but decided to ask here. I bill for Oral Surgeons, who at times extract carious teeth for Medicare patients who have cancer before they begin radiation treatment. Pre ICD 10 we used V07.8 with the cancer diagnosis and it...