1. D

    Wiki 28470 not preformed

    Provider billed 28470x2 diagnosis: M84.374A After appealing with chart notes, UHC says that the chart notes do not support that the 28470 was preformed. Dispensal of pneumatic cam walker was documented and diagnostics were preformed to accurately diagnose the fracture. All of this information...
  2. W

    Wiki External Fixator Distraction

    For certain tibia pilon or tibia plateau fracture presentations, my providers will utilize a uniplane external fixator to distract the knee or ankle joint so that the fracture can be visualized and repaired. The fixator is removed at the end of the same surgery. Some of my providers will attach...
  3. E

    Wiki Defining radical in 26145

    Hello, I am looking for help in defining what constitutes a Radical Tenosynovectomy and when to use 26145. Does the surgeon need documentation of pathological tenosynovium for code 26145? Thank a You in advanced, Eva Wade CPC-A
  4. T

    Wiki Hasselman bunionectomy coding help

    I am looking for some professional in-put on this chart. My physician and I are in a discussion how best to code this procedure, because he believes it is more than what CPT describes in the bunionectomy codes. He uses the Hasselman kissloc procedure. Here is the full report and the codes that...
  5. B

    Wiki B/L TKR by 2 surgeons

    Patient had B/L TKR performed together. Dr. A was the primary surgeon on the left knee and assistant surgeon on the right. Dr. B was the primary surgeon on the right knee and assistant surgeon on the left. Patient has federal Medicare and they have not accepted billing unilaterally; denial...
  6. E

    Wiki CPC Experienced remote OBGYN/Midwifery and Orthopedic coder seeking Part time remote

    I am a Certified Professional Coder through AAPC with a Coding and Billing Specialist Certification through USCI. I am currently seeking a part time remote position and I am willing to code for different specialties. I have experience coding for not only OBGYN/Midwifery and Orthopedics, but also...
  7. S

    Wiki CPC with over 12 years of experience, seeking full-time, Remote Profee role

    CPC with 12 years of experience, seeking full-time, Remote Profee role I am a Certified Professional Coder, CPC, Licensed by AAPC. I have over 12 years experience in Profee/Physician Coding, seeking a Remote Profee Opportunity. I have extensive experience in Profee Coding, Medical Terminology...
  8. H

    Wiki S63.055- Code once or multiple times for same hand?

    I recently came across a chart where the doctor wrote this code 3 times because he was going to treat several fingers on the same hand. I think it should only be listed once and the CPT code would reflect the multiple sites. I thought this because the diagnosis code covers the whole hand so...
  9. C

    Wiki Billing Ortho Sports medicine

    My question is when the ortho doctor has a sub-specialty of sports medicine and the provider is billing under the sports medicine does the injury have to be sports related in order to bill under the sub-specialty?
  10. daedolos

    Wiki Injection Codes

    Recently, I had to code for an established visit and the patient requested pain management. They were seen for right shoulder pain and right knee pain and received injections for both areas. 99213-25 20610 -RT (right shoulder - subacromial) 20610 -XU-RT (right shoulder - glenohumeral)...
  11. M

    Wiki Muscle Repair of the foot

    Hello, I code primarily hand surgeries, but we get the occasional foot. And the difference in CPT codes is astounding! One of our surgeons performed an ORIF of the Calcanus and metatarsals. He also repaired the foot muscles. I don't see any codes for repair of the muscles, just tendons and...
  12. L

    Wiki 7th character- intial vs subsequent

    General question- I work for an orthopedic practice and pts come to us with acute injuries, however these injuries are most always treated in the emergency room first- labeling that visit the initial encounter. When they seek treatment with us for the first time is that still considered initial...
  13. T

    Wiki COSC Needed for Physician Office Orthopedic Coding

    Immediate, experienced COSC needed to perform orthopedic audits of office and surgical procedures as well as E&M visits for busy ortho practice. Must have current in depth knowledge of orthopedic surgical coding and compliance rules for billing. Knowledge of physical therapy and x-ray coding a...
  14. T

    Wiki COSC Needed for Onsite Physician Ortho Coding Audit in the Syracuse NY area.

    Looking for an immediate, experienced COSC that lives near the Syracuse, NY area to perform on site orthopedic audits of office and surgical procedures as well as E&M visits. Must have current in depth knowledge of orthopedic surgical coding and compliance rules for billing. Knowledge of...
  15. G

    Wiki Certified Coder/Certified ICD-10 Billing Specialist Position in Corona, CA

    POSITION OPENING: Orthopedic office needs a Certified Coder/Certified ICD-10 with experience in orthopedic billing office practices, E/M coding guidelines, in-office procedures. Understanding of A/R collections is a plus. Send resumes to gheredia@ctoamg.com.
  16. L

    Wiki 99442 and Texas Worker's Comp

    For all billers and coders residing in Texas, I need to know if Worker's Comp covers CPT Code 99442 (Telephone evaluation and management service provided by a physician to an established patient, parent, or guardian not originating from a related E/M service provided within the previous 7 days...
  17. M

    Wiki Hospitalist as attending physician for Orthopedic surgical inpatient

    We are a small Critical Access Hospital. Our orthopedic surgeons (who are not employed by us) have asked our Hospitalists to act as the attending physicians for their fractured hip cases. They ask that the Hospitalist perform the admitting H&P to clear the patient for surgery and then...
  18. A

    Wiki Z code followup after orthopedic care treatment is

    Patient comes in for follow up no complaints for Total knee replacement. It has been almost a year. I think you use dx Z09 for the visit the problem he performs x-rays on the knee. I stumped on what dx code can I pair with x-ray Do I take previous dx from older notes? 73560 ? 73565...
  19. B

    Wiki Orthopedic Physician Assistant needed

    I am looking for an experienced orthopedic clinic PA to work 4.5 days a week seeing clinic patients, charting, injections assessing surgical candidates etc... if you know of one please tell them to send CV with salary requirements. to info@ecosmc.net. Thanks Bill
  20. B

    Wiki Arthroscopic Elbow Codes - 29836 or 29838 or BOTH?

    My provider performed a four portal arthroscopic elbow procedure--right elbow extensive arthroscopic debridement and excision of posterolateral synovial plica . This is the clinical description of the procedure (from Medicare GCPI): "The physician performs elbow arthroscopy with the patient in...
  21. M

    Wiki Orthopedic Coding Expert - WA State

    Need a well credentialed orthopedic coding expert located in Washington state. CPC and Orthopedic specialty certification a must. Must have been qualified as an expert in state / federal court previously and have a minimum of five years experience testifying in civil/criminal matters. Contact...
  22. M

    Wiki MVA resulting in the loss of twins at 8mo gestational age

    We are trying to figure out the diagnosis coding for the orthopedic surgeons who were called in to do fracture repair in this scenario: A patient who was 8 months pregnant w/twins was in involved in a severe head-on MVA resulting in multiple fractures and injuries including uterine rupture and...
  23. M

    Wiki Distal radial fracture 25609 but missing something ?????

    25609-LT ?? DX 813.42 I feel as if I am missing something in this op report?????? Open reduction internal fixation of left distal radius fracture with fixation of greater than 3 intra-articular fragments. Instrumentation utilized: Stryker distal radius locking plate. Anesthesia: General...