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    ASC Split Facility Bill

    A patient goes into a neighboring Outpatient Cardiac Cath facility for a cardiac Cath. One physician does the diagnostic Cath, leaves, another physician places a single stent. Each physician reports and bills their procedures. The facility sends two bills, coding for two separate facility...
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    Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers

    Calling all RHC, CAH, FQHC coders and billers! I am a new RHC coder, and have been having a hard time finding information or resources on RHC coding and billing practices. It would be great to have our own discussion forum here, but I see very few posts pertaining to any of our unique practices...
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    CPT 96365 and 96367 in Outpatient Hospital Setting

    Hello all. I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm auditing an outpatient UB that has 96365 on 10/9/18 and 96367 on 10/10/18. I'm new to Outpatient coding and was wondering if billing these on different dates of service is allowed. The itemized bill does not have times or anything like that...