pap smear

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    Wiki Pap Only Visits

    Hello! Please advise....not sure how to code for pap only visits to Medicaid. Our claim denied - service (99212 & 88164) not allowed for this DX (Z12.4). Thank you in advance!
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    Wiki Pap outside Preventive Visit

    I know this question has been brought up multiple times, but this situation is a little different: A new patient presents for an annual exam in December. She states she would like to defer the pap until she gets records from her old OBGYN. She thinks she is not due for one yet. We still billed...
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    Wiki How to bill a non-physical visit and pap smear?

    Private payer: Patient presents to family practice on 03/12/2020 to establish care and refill contraceptive prescription. Provider does history (going over side effects of medication), ROS, exam: bills an e/m. Note indicates patient will schedule a physical and pap smear for a future date...