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    PLEASE HELP!!! 87481 with Multiple UNITS!!! ( PAP ) (Candida)

    PLEASE HELP with any information or advice on what to do!! We have been billing code 87481 with 4 units and the insurance companies are only paying for 1 unit. We have billed with modifier 91 trying to get multiple units paid but just gets denied with that modifier. Multiple Ins. companies...
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    87481 Billed with multiple units HELP!!!! Insurance will only pay 1 unit

    We have been billing code 87481 with 4 units and the insurance companies are only paying for 1 unit. We have billed with and without modifier 91, w/mod 91 we got denial. Multiple Ins. companies are wanting to process only 1 unit. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE!!!! CPT Code(s): 87481x4...
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    IM DOC BILLING PAPS - need help coding!

    We have a new IM doc and have never billed for Pap tests before. The doc's husband is questioning their old ways of billing and I'd like to be sure to give him a correct answer. I've been doing a lot of research but would like you expert opinions! Please help! Thanks so much! This is what...
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    Well Visit/ Well Woman

    Hello! I am wondering, I know the patient can have a preventive visit with her normal pcp and then a well woman with her GYN, but what if a patient comes to her pcp for a well exam (preventive visit) and then comes back few days later to have a routine pap smear; can we bill the pap as...
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    Pap Only

    I have a question. If one of our Providers see a patient for a pap only, no blood work was done she had her annual already but the pap was not done. They are using the diagnosis Z01.419. The research I have done is stating you should only bill the pap and not an E/M, is this correct? I need...
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    Coding an annual wellness exam for Medicare patient and the Pap smear

    There is a discussion in our office about billing for Pap Smear on a Medicare pt. There is a problem in understanding the Medicare preventative coding of a Pap Smear. We received many denials recently because we were billing the 88175 with codes Z01.411 or Z01.419. They were denied due to the...
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    No billing for Pap smear

    I have an np that wants to bill for Pap smear. What code should we use and can we bill with an office visit? We send the pap out to the lab.
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    99000 clarification please

    I've been coding for many years but no OB/GYN experience - billing service I'm working with has GYN billing 99000 for PAP. When I questioned this after reading CPT definition I was told they have several clients who use this code for Paps. It seems clear to me that this code is strickly for...
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    pap smears - medicare code

    I have been getting mixed ideas about pap smear with a physical. Does anyone know if you are allowed to bill the medicare code Q0091 pap smear obtaining with a female physical, some insurances pay it some don't or does anyone use a different code. I am understanding it that a pap is bundled in...