patient responsibility

  1. Y

    Answer Follow up on ordered testing/referrals, what is legal?

    Good morning, I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a LEGAL number of times a provider's office must reach out to a patient to request they obtain an ordered test and/or referral? We do have a policy in place. We reach out to the patient two weeks after the test/referral was ordered...
  2. S

    Billing with primary and secondary insurances

    Looking to verify the proper patient responsibility to bill them in the following scenario as well as the proper rationale. Primary insurance is a high deductible plan through BCBS and allows $3000.00 to the patient's deductible for a patient's surgery on the $5000.00 billed charges. We do not...
  3. MeanderingMichigander

    Timely filing when patient DID NOT update insurance

    Howdy :) A patient was originally seen about a year ago and provided no insurance information. They made a couple small payments on the 2 bills over the course of a year. Then, they called almost a full year after originally seen and, "Oh! Here's my insurance - bill it, please!" Ugh. So...
  4. K

    Carc pr-275

    I have a patient with Providence as primary and BxBs as a secondary payor and the first bxbs payment came through just fine, the patient had some copay, some deductible, and some write off. 2 months later BxBs sent me another EOB saying all of the write off amount has been changed to patient...