1. S

    Wiki KY Health Co-Op

    I have recently taken over as billing manager at an orthopedic clinic in town. Have any of you received payments from the now defunct KY Health Co-Op? I've reached out to several people with no response. I'm trying to decide if I should ever expect payment on these claims or if I should get them...
  2. D

    Wiki Medicare payment of Code 29581

    Is anyone having difficulty getting payment from Medicare on this code post-op or after fx care management. Our clearinghouse instructed us to use a 58 modifier and a LT or RT modifier but they are still being rejected.
  3. 1

    Wiki Preop HP billing

    If a surgeon in a group schedules a patient for a major surgery, but sends the patient to their PCP for the HP, what is the correct way of billing both services? The global package includes payment for some pre op work. So if PCP in another group does HP, what is the correct way to bill?
  4. M

    Wiki Asq denials

    We give our patients asq at well child exams and have recieved denials for them, have you recieved payment on them before?
  5. D

    Wiki Coding

    I have a company that has been contacting me about there programs. One of the options is it allows you to enter in your codes and it will tell you the error you could possible have and the order they should be in for higher payment. Does anyone have any opinions on this or a cheaper company...
  6. jocarter

    Wiki A/R question about writting off claims that are being appealed

    Is it a normal practice to adjust off a balance at 90 days, even if the claim is pending an appeal/redetermination? I am finding multiple examples where documentation clearly supports the charges, so we should be getting payment. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Merry...