1. K


    We recently had a pediatrician join the office and she sees newborns in the hospital. She is putting limited prenatal care down to be coded. Can I get some guidance on codes and coding for this. Example Term newborn via c/s limited parental care
  2. S

    Wiki E/M - acute uncomplicated vs acute with systemic symptoms

    The providers in my Pedi office are asking for more clarification on acute uncomplicated problem vs acute problem with systemic symptoms. We are coding for common pedi ailments like sore throat, uti, uri, diarrhea or ear infection. The most common problem they question is sore throat with fever...
  3. M

    Wiki Peds 99212

    The following example was used in training our providers on the new 2021 E/M guidelines. The final code was a 99212. Using the new 2021 MDM table and AMA definitions, credit was given for: Number and complexity of problems addressed: Based on the definition of a limited or minimal problem (A...
  4. A

    Wiki Over Payment Recovery

    I recently went over all the claims that have an insurance credit owed to them. Some of these credits date years back! It seems very overwhelming. As a new policy, if a biller sees that an insurance over paid we call them within that next week. Can we send the claims in as void to have the...
  5. baroquecoder

    Wiki Circumcision and Preventative visit

    Chief complaint: weight check & circumcision HPI formula feeding, gaining weight, appropriate responses.. Full ROS; negative as per HPI Exam; comprehensive Procedure note for the circumcision. Assessment plan; patient gaining weight appropriately continue vitamin d exposure with sunlight post...
  6. S

    Wiki Pediatric Vaccines with Flu

    Hi All, When billing pediatric vaccines, I am aware that you have to bill by component. Our clinic offers a flu shot at a discounted price for every flu season. The flu discount is cheaper than our regular administration charges. For example, let's say that our flu shot is $30 (we charge...
  7. E

    Wiki Would the foster care diagnosis code (Z62.21) be considered a 'abnormal finding'

    Hello I code and bill for a group of pediatricians and we see a fair amount of foster care children. A question came up asking if a well child visit with abnormal findings can substantiate "abnormal" within a visit if the child is from foster care. Previously I thought most codes in the R70-R94...
  8. A

    Wiki Specialist called into NCCU-what code would you use?

    We have a solo pediatric infectious disease specialist who sees many neonatal patients in NCCU. All other insurance companies (mostly Medicaid products) pay when he bills 99291/99291 for these patients who are very young and critically ill. We have 1 insurance company that refuses to read and...
  9. C

    Wiki Pediatric Cardiac Coder

    Good Morning, I always struggle with pediatric cardiac coding. Is there another pediatric cardiac coder on this forum that I can bounce questions off of?
  10. W

    Wiki Experienced CPC seeking remote coding jobs

    Wanda Speh, CPC Advanced Medical BCS, Inc. Brunswick, Georgia 31523 CPC with 15 years of experience is seeking remote medical billing and coding positions part or full time. I am available immediately for ICD-9 and CPT coding/billing for Anesthesia, DME, Pediatrics, Radiology, Pathology and...