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    Wiki On table colon lavage due to obstruction

    Just need confirmation of this or if there is another code for the colon lavage (44701) please. 44207, 44187, 44213, 44701 - (44701 is what I really need feedback on please). PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic coloanal resection with diverting loop ileostomy, takedown of splenic flexure, and on-table...
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    clarify new radiology xray code HIPS

    On the New hip/pelvis codes 73501-73523 with the description is "when" pelvis is performed. I'm rejecting reports back to the radiologist but this wording "when" has left me questioning the pelvis does not have to be done.
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    Wiki Difficult colon surgery, any help would be great!!!!!!

    I have copied the op report below and I am afraid I am missing something in my choice of codes. I know I can't charge for the lysis of adhesions or the hernia repair. I am coming up with 44146 with a modifier 22. Colon surgery is confusing to me at times. Thanks in advance for the help...