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    Wiki diverticulitis perforation vs crohn's disease

    i have a hospital follow up patient that has the chief complaint of "perforation and abscess of large intestine concurrent with and due to diverticulitis". The imaging shows a left colon perforation. the patient also has "medically difficult to manage IBD". it was difficult for the physician to...
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    Wiki CPT for Laparoscopic Repair of Colon Perforation

    :confused:Would CPT Code 44238 unlisted laparoscopic procedure code, intestine be the most appropriate code for this procedure?
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    Wiki history of/ healed injury

    Hello. I would like to know if K22.3 (perforation of esophagus) can be use as a diagnosis for a HISTORY OF or HEALED perforation/rupture? Or is it best to use Z87.828? Thank you for your help.
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    Wiki colectomy without colostomy or anastamosis

    I have surgeon who did an open procedure on a patient who had two perforations in the colon, one in the descending and the other in the simoid. Surgeon divided the colon just distal to the sigmoid and proximal to the descending but left the patient open with a ABThera wound vac. No Anastamosis...
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    Wiki Help with bundling issue

    I have the attached op note for a incarcerated umbilical hernia repair w/ a small bowel perforation. I coded it as 49587. My physicians wants to also charge for the repair of perforation. To me that would be bundled, am I over thinking this? Can I charge for both and if so what code would I add...