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    Wiki Suture Removal - Different provider, same office

    Hi all, I am sorry if this question has been asked and answered, but I am having trouble finding the answer. I am a new coder, not yet certified. I have a scenario at my new office and was hoping for some help. I've got a person who received sutures by one of our doctors. They came in a few...
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    Wiki fall codes

    When a person falls and has been treated at the ER and then follows up with their family dr should the fall be used as initial encounter? If a person falls and not specific to where the patient fell is it ok to submit the claim without the place where it happened?
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    Wiki lcd

    I have a person who was seen and E&M code was 90791 with dx code 296.90. Not sure why this was denied. Could someone maybe have a better insight on this? Thanks!