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    We have an addictions physician and Nurse Practicioner that is treating our patient's in our PHP/IOP facility. Can they use 90791 and 90792 codes for their evaluations or should they be using regular Evaluation and management codes? We treat eating disorder patients.
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    Treatment/ care plans mental health

    Does anyone have any verifiable guidelines for treatment plan compliance for PHP/IOP programs? More specific, does the PE (admission) count as a active treatment plan for the first 18 days, then a standard tx plan is due? Also do the IE hold any weight for compliance? Also is there a window of...
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    Revenue Code Selection

    Our organization provides adult substance abuse and mental health services. We provide residential, PHP and IOP services. We would like to bill for the professional psychotherapy sessions that our pyschiatrist and internal medicine visits that our internal medicine physician providers...
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    United Healthcare PHP is now IP?

    Im finding from VOBs lately that no matter the home plan, UHC is coming back saying PHP is considered Inpatient treatment, and if the facility is licensed as out patient,PHP is not covered. Is anyone else running into this lately?
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    CPT codes for PHP for chemical dependancy

    My office is expanding to PHP for chemical dependancy from only IOP for behavioral health. I need help with CPT codes please. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sue/LBHS