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    Wiki Need help with billing 62141 & 61312

    Hi, I work for a plastic surgery clinic. Our doctor did a Cranioplasty along with the the neurosurgeon as a co surgeon on a 63 yrs old. Let's say the date was 12/20. The surgery was in the morning. Late at night the patient developed an epidural Hematoma and they had to do a Craniotomy. The...
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    Wiki Assistant surgeon billing

    Hello, I would really appreciate if someone can help me out with billing for an assistant surgeon. I have just started working for a plastic surgeon and he has decided to use an assistant surgeon in one of his surgeries for breast reduction. I would like to know if we have to use different codes...
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    Wiki Partial breast excision

    Our patient has symmastia (congenital malformation of breasts, uniboob). We want to do a partial breast excision. What coding would be best used to describe this procedure? Thank you!
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    Wiki Documentation Requrements for Myocutaneous/Fasciocutaneous Flap (15732)

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I work for a dermatology office that does a lot of Mohs procedures...We have a plastic surgeon that will perform the appropriate closure/repair post Mohs. Only recently some of the commercial insurances (UHC & Aetna) have been denying CPT code 15732...
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    Wiki 19499 is being denied to 19357

    Has anyone heard of medical insurances paying on both 19357 and 19499 in the same operative session. I am having Medicare, UHC and BCBS that are denying the 19499 as included in 19357. I see don't see anywhere that 19499 is global to 19357. Please Help!
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    Wiki CPT code for facial repairs of muscles

    Hi all. I recently started coding for a plastic surgeon who does a lot of facial repairs after trauma. A lot of these repairs including suturing one or more muscles. Would you use the complex integumentary repair codes for these? Thank you!:confused:
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    Wiki Coding Complex Repair- Using Add On Code

    I'm coding complex repair of the arm and the amount of area that has been repaired is 26 cm so wondering if I would code that as: 13121, 13122 x 5 units or would I use the add-on code 13122 (ea additional 5 cm or less) 5 different times? The insurance company is United HealthCare. Thanks!
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    Wiki new 2010 tumor excision codes

    I am new to plastic surgery coding. I have heard conflicting information. I know not to charge the rotation flap with an excision of a lesion and that the code includes it. However, when my physician excises the basal cell lesion deeply into the fascia or muscle, can I use the soft tissue codes...