podiatry surgery

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    Question Podiatry

    I am looking for some guidance on a TMA revision. My provider has done a TMA on this pt. and now is going back to surgery to remove more of the foot. He wants to code 28122 X 5 but he's again resecting all of the metatarsals. How would you code it?
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    Question Coding education in Podiatry?

    Where do all of you go for Podiatry coding references and education?? What coding companion books do you use as well?? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks! ilona
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    Podiatry Surgery - Open repair of Talus fracture with Brostrom repair ankle

    Need help from Podiatry Surgery Coders: Billed 28445 with 27698. Both codes were denied by Medicaid as not being documented (but it is in the notes) 29898, 20600 and 76000 were paid. Description of the Procedure absolutely describes the op procedure repairing the Talus. Does anyone have any...