1. N

    Biopsy and Cauterized, Polypectomy

    How would you code this colonoscopy? This is the redacted operative note below. I am welcome to all information or comments you have. Thank you, Nicole Arsenault Indications: History and colon polyps. Procedure name: Colonoscopy and biopsy Details of procedure: The digital rectal exam was...
  2. ljones88

    31237 during FESS procedure

    Hi all, I need clarification on the rules for billing 31237 during a FESS procedure....Here's the scenario: Physician documents and bills: -31276/50 -30140/50 -31255/50 -31256/50 -31287/50 -31237/50/59 Tissue is removed from sinus areas, but no polyps. Polyps occurred only in the nose and...
  3. C

    58558 and 58561 can both be bill together?

    Operative Hysteroscopy with Myomectomy, Polypectomy using Truclear Endometrial Shaver, 2) Dilation and Currettage
  4. F

    Versapoint Polypectomy

    Hi, I'm billing for a Polypectomy with Versapoint. Would I still use 58558?