pos 11

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    Question New NP & POS

    I just started working for Primary care and I need some help with the Billing and POS for a New NP in a different location. In the process of hiring a New NP and she will be in a different location 1. New NP A she will use an OBGYN clinic on Wed and Thurs... The OB is closed on Wed...
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    Anesthesia coding/billing for POS 11

    How/can I bill for anesthesia services done at POS 11 in office? For example, CRNA administered anesthesia for a kyphoplasty case that was in office. Is there a modifier that should be billed besides the QZ?
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    NC Medicare

    We have a CRNA group who performs anesthesia services (non medically directed) for Vascular and Renal patients in a North Carolina facility. The facility is a "Physician Office". (POS 11). Medicare (Palmetta GBA) is denying claims based on "procedure code / bill type inconsistent with POS"...
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    Switching between POS 11 and POS 20

    When I worked in Idaho, the physician's office could legally bill for both POS 11 and POS 20. I am now working in Utah and have not been able to find out if this is a legal practice in Utah, as well. I have contacted the Utah Division of Health Facility Licensing and they could not give me an...