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    Question C-Section Assist with Postpartum visit for Infection

    Hello everyone, I have a little bit of a dilemma and I'm hoping that someone can help me out. Here is the scenario: Patient was seen in the hospital for a c-section and my OB assisted. This patient had previously not been seen in our clinic. Patient then comes to our office a month later with...
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    C-section wound reopened

    We have had a couple of situations where c-season wounds reopened during the postpartum period. When that happens, what code(s) should be used when our providers re-approximate the edges? It is very rare that this happens but we have had a couple of ladies that were too eager to return to their...
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    Question Antepartum, Delivery, and Postpartum Care Medicaid Billing

    Hello, I work for a large Ob-Gyn practice and we were looking to see how other large practices handle billing Medicaid antepartum, delivery, and postpartum care. For example: We have a patient who we provided antepartum care by various providers of the same group, delivery, and postpartum...
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    ICD 10 code for Wound Check ~Status Post C-Section

    If the wound check is done 6 days after delivery, wouldn't it be part of the global period for the c-section? Or can we still bill a 99212 with dx Z48.89?
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    Gestation diabetes during post partum period

    I am not really familiar with OBGYN, but I have a provider who is coding O24.415 - Gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, controlled by oral hypoglycemic drugs. My issue is that this patient is 7 month postpartum, therefore I believe that this MD should not longer be using the O - code...
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    Antepartum, Delivery, and Postpartum Coding

    If the Antepartum and delivery were done but not the postpartum care then do you have to code the antepartum and delivery out separately? Do you end up waiting the 6 week postpartum period to bill out the antepartum and delivery then in order to know whether to code and bill with the group code...
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    Postpartum Complications w/ Z3A codes

    I have a postpartum patient with sepsis and cannot decide what to do about the Z3A code. I know it is a requirement to use a Z3A code with any O code but cannot decide what to use since the condition arose during that postpartum period. Thanks for any help! Becky Mizelle, CPC, COBGC
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    Postpartum preeclamsia inpatient visit question ( help)

    We have a patient who was admitted several days after her vaginal delivery for postpartum preeclampsia can we bill the inpatient visit and the sub visits? Thanks,
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    Breastfeeding consult during Postpartum

    If a mother has a visit for breastfeeding consultation/instruction during her 6-8 week postpartum period, can you bill an E/M for the visit or is the visit considered part of the postpartum period?
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    Postpartum dilation and evacuation

    Patient delivered 10 days prior to the D&E. According to CPT manual this should be coded as 59841 - Induced abortion. She did not abort, but delivered and needed the D&E for 'Postpartum hemorrhage due to retained placental fragments'. Is this the correct code?
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    OB Global Billing

    Hello Joan Smith started her insurance coverage shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Joan saw the same doctor throughout her pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. The catch is, Joan's health insurance covers antepartum and postpartum care, but imposes a preexisting condition...