procedural coding

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    Question Postop Diagnosis code?

    Hello! The patient came in for a hysterectomy. The operative report list the diagnosis as: Preoperative Diagnosis: Carcinoma In-Situ of Exocervix - D06.1 Postoperative Diagnosis: Same I remember from my education that we should not code the Procedure until the Pathology Report was available...
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    Interoffice procedure

    I have just started coding for a OB doctor who does interoffice procedures. He only states that this CPT code was completed with no other documentation. I am having trouble finding information which states the requirements for billing for a procedure. I am pretty sure it comes from Office of...
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    Chart Auditing-Compliance Commitee Otolaryngology

    I am interested is establishing a process/committee to audit Otolaryngology physician charts internally. We want to verify that medical necessity documentation is being met for procedures and that the documentation supports the CPT's billed. Has anyone set up an internal auditing process or...