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  1. C

    10yr Revenue Cycle professional seeking remote per-diem position

    Hi All, I was recently certified and I am looking to gain experience. Open to all learning/growth opportunities. Resume Attached.
  2. emeskina

    Question Coding all documented conditions...

    ICD-10-CM coding guidelines instruct coders to accurately capture secondary dx as documented/addressed by the provider in the body of their note and A/P to the highest specificity. We are also instructed to code all documented conditions that co-exist at the time of the encounter/visit AND...
  3. J

    ProFee vs Hospital diagnostic coding

    I need some help! I need to find a reference, one way or the other, that supports/does not support the ability of a professional coder to use the entire chart when coding TODAYs visit. I've been trying to explain why this is not how things work. If an auditor pulls the chart for review for the...