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    Wiki Modifier 25 with OV for Scheduled Prolia/Evenity Injections

    We have a physician that does scheduled Prolia/Evenity injections. We understand that you cannot charge an OV with a -25 modifier when the purpose of the visit is for a scheduled injection. However, we have some questions for anyone who bill these injections. Our physician does a complete...
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    Wiki Chronic Osteoporosis Fractures

    My osteoporosis specialist will often treat patients who have what he calls "chronic vertebral fractures" caused by osteoporosis. These fractures frequently are very old, but still apparently causing the patient pain. The patient is coming in to receive a Prolia injection and I need an...
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    Wiki Prolia & Lupron Injections- Questions

    I have a Medicare Advantage HMO patient coming for 6 month Lupron injection-( 24 weeks from 08-07-2015) and will also need Prolia injections ( 24 weeks from 09-11-2015) Question #1. Can both injections be done on same day? Question #2. Is it OK to give Prolia on exact 24 weeks date?
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    Wiki Prolia (J0897)

    Hi, The Dr. I work for would like to offer Prolia injections to patients with bone density issues. I've been looking for any information regarding reimbursement. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! :)