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    Wiki Removal of Urolift Implants during a prostatectomy

    Below is my provider's surgical note. As documented, he performed a robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy and removal of foreign bodies. Our provider wants to bill CPT 49402 for the removal of the urolift implants but he has T19.1XXA which, according to...
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    Simple prostatectomy code?? Please help!

    What would the code for a simple laparoscopic prostatectomy be?? When I've researched it I can't find much. What I did find seems to say that you would bill an unlisted code?? I'm really not sure what else it would be. Anyone have any advice?? I'm being asked what to use by one of our providers...
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    laparoscopic prostatectomy with open anastomosis

    Hello all, i have this patient who had laparoscopic prostatectomy with PLND...... anastomosis between urethra and bladder neck trails failed due to narrow pelvis, so open anastomosis was performed ..... how should i code this? i know that laparoscopic prostatectomy code is 55866, i was...
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    Da Vinci Prostatectomy

    Can anyone help me in coding a robotic DaVinci Prostatectomy? I'm a newly graduated CPC, and so far can find no code referring to this procedure. My brother is having this procedure, and Ins. is coding it with 55866, and only paying 50/50. Any help/discussion/advice is sincerely appreciated...