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    Wiki Salary - provider based

    Hello- I have seen salary guides as to what Medical Billing Specialists on average are paid throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, the salary guides do not specify how many providers // patient foot track those salaries are based off of. If anyone would be able to share; 1. what state you live in...
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    Wiki Need advice on dealing with Mental Health providers

    Hi I really need some advice on what I should do in this situation. I code for all the mental health providers in my practice. There is one in particular who seems to end up having cases where the patient was abused in the past. Unfortunately one of these patients is a still a child. When I...
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    Wiki Documentation - HPI both indicate

    If the CC & HPI both indicate pt was being seen for annual routine exam and the ROS and Exam portion also support this. Is it reasonable to code a routine physical even though the providers assessment is Hyperlipidemia? Or would you query the provider to have amended assessment done adding the...
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    Wiki Pap Only

    I have a question. If one of our Providers see a patient for a pap only, no blood work was done she had her annual already but the pap was not done. They are using the diagnosis Z01.419. The research I have done is stating you should only bill the pap and not an E/M, is this correct? I need...
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    Wiki Use of Acronyms in Chart Notes

    Good Afternoon! I am wondering if anyone out there can help me. I work in a clinic that has a unique range of providers, we have A&D Counselors, Mental Health LCSW's, MD's, PA's, ARNP's, Dental and Pharmacy. Because we have such a range of providers, we have many different styles of notes that...
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    Wiki AWV Element Questions... need help please.

    Our practice is new to doing AWVs and I want to make sure we are documenting all the requirements appropriately. I've been reviewing the CMS document for AWVs:, and I have a...
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    Wiki 2016 PQRS for Nursing Home providers

    What measures would you suggest for providers who only see patients in a nursing home setting. These can be mid level or physician providers. Thanks, Sue B
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    Wiki Shared Visit?

    A CAH has one group covering both the ER and hospitalist services - internal med providers. Providers assigned to ER (usually a PA or NP) document their note, then provider assigned to hospitalist (MD/DO) does the admission (to Obs or Inpatient). Since they're one group, one specialty, both...
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    Wiki 2 providers 1 patient same day DIFF.SPECIALTIES

    What modifier can I use for denied claims when 2 providers see the same patient on the same day? Long term care setting. A NP sees pt then the physiatry doctor sees the patient. Same practice but one provider is a specialist and the other is a physicians assistant or NP... we get denials but I...
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    Wiki How to code SI joint injections with ultrasound done in the office?

    My providers do SI joint injections in the office, and I know that CPT states to use 20552 which is presumed that the injections are being done into tissue and not into the actual joint. My providers are using ultrasound to visualize the actual sacroiliac joint and injecting into the joint...