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    Wiki Testing codes psychiatry/psychology

    Can psychiatry bill testing codes, 96116, 96138/96139? or only by psychology?
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    Wiki Billing in ALF's

    Can anyone help with billing codes for psych services provided by a Nurse practitioner in the assisted living facilities?
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    Wiki Psych Clinic- Number and Complexity of Problems Addressed

    I am new to coding for psych providers and I was wondering if I could get some guidance on determining the number and complexity of problems addressed. What happens when a patient has anxiety and depression that is managed by meds? Would that be a 99213 (low presenting problem) or 99214...
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    Wiki Remote Psych Coder Wanted (domestic)

    Aviacode is looking for psych coders experience in IP and OP psych coding (mostly inpatient). Client is in California, so experience with CA CMS and Medi-cal guidelines a plus. Cerner EMR and EPIC EMR experience also a plus. Details about the project: • This is a long-term coding...
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    Wiki 90846 family psychotherapy without pt present

    Does anybody know the guidelines for cpt 90846 family psychotherapy without patient present? Does the patient still have to come in, get vitals, etc to be able to bill the insurance or can just the parents come in? I know Medicare requires a face-to-face visit to be able to bill them but I'm...
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    Wiki Pain Management Psych Eval

    We would like to start doing psych evals on our pain patients that are receiving controlled RX's from us. My question is, which test do we use, how do I bill it, what CPT codes and ICD 10 codes will I need??? Completely new to doing this I'm not even sure where to start.
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    Wiki E&M coding and psych

    I have 2 questions. The first one is a patient had an OV with nurse prac and then psych on the same day. NP coded 99213 and psych coded 90791 but the psych code was denied. Not sure how to code? The second question is patient was seen by psych dr and 90791 was coded but still denied. Not sure...
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    Wiki PSYCH E/M Coder-Auditor in SALEM OREGON

    RMC is an Oregon-based coding review and coding support services company, founded to assist healthcare facilities in obtaining correct reimbursement and minimizing lost revenue through complete and accurate coding, documentation improvement, and education. RMC has been providing comprehensive...