1. N

    Wiki Outpatient psychotherapy documentation - start/stop times?

    Hello. When billing with E&M, do our psychtherapy notes need to contain specific start and stop times for the psychotherapy portion of the visit, or is an overall time statement permitted, example "18 minutes was spent". Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  2. A

    Wiki Testing codes psychiatry/psychology

    Can psychiatry bill testing codes, 96116, 96138/96139? or only by psychology?
  3. A

    Wiki Psychotherapy codes question

    Can an MD, who is not a Psychiatrist, use psychotherapy codes? Ex. 90832
  4. Walker22

    Wiki Psychotherapy Billing For Medicare

    I work for a small psychotherapy provider who just became credentialed with Medicare (Palmetto GBA). Our first batch of claims were all denied with CO-16, MA130, & N290. We billed CPT 90832 with no modifier in POS 11. I suspect that I am either missing a modifier, or there is a G code I'm...
  5. K

    Wiki Psychotherapy telehealth COVID Modifier for BCBS?

    Hi, I have someone that isn't get full coverage for telehealth psychotherapy unless it is COVID related. How would I submit a claim letting them know the visits are due to stress of COVID. Is there a modifier for that?
  6. E

    Wiki Psychotherapy Billing

    Hi, I have a question about psychotherapy billing. I have seen that when billing for crisis psychotherapy services, the total billable time for face to face interaction does not need to be continuous. Does anyone know if there is any guidance suggesting that non-crisis psychotherapy could also...
  7. D

    Wiki Behavioral Health

    Can a Licensed MSW, bill medicare under an LCSW ? Provided the LCSW is available and on site?
  8. K

    Wiki Modifier -25 with 99205

    Is it possible to use modifier -25 with 99205 if psychotherapy is also on the same day as a new patient E/M? Is there a better way to code this? So; 99205 -25, 90838
  9. J

    Wiki Inpatient 90846 & 90847

    Hello, I'm a professional fee coder for a behavioral health group. Around 09/01/18, insurances have been denying inpatient 90846 & 90847 as 'invalid place of service.' Has anyone else ran into this or does anyone have further information? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks...
  10. C

    Wiki 90846 family psychotherapy without pt present

    Does anybody know the guidelines for cpt 90846 family psychotherapy without patient present? Does the patient still have to come in, get vitals, etc to be able to bill the insurance or can just the parents come in? I know Medicare requires a face-to-face visit to be able to bill them but I'm...
  11. A

    Wiki LCSW In home E/M and psychotherapy

    Trying to get an LCSW to provide in home psychotherapy/counseling to a patient who is covered by Cigna primary and Medicare secondary. Cigna advises that they do not accept CPT codes 90791 or 9083x for in home psychiatric assessments or psychotherapy and advised me to utilize E/M codes...
  12. A

    Wiki Psychotherapy billing to NYS Workers Compensation

    Help! For the first time I am billing a psychotherapy client to workers compensation. We used the 90834, however, the comp carrier is denying stating the code is invalid for the date of service. I can find nothing in the comp fee schedule and the carrier can provide us with no further...
  13. T

    Wiki Billing for alcohol/substance abuse INITIAL ASSESSMENTS

    Hi CodingKing, I started working in behaviroal health about six months ago so I don't have much experience with the specialty. Currently working in the residential center providing RES/PHP/IOP services. My question is in regards to my outpatient clinic coding. Typically for a patient that is...
  14. S

    Wiki Billing Psychotherapy and Evaluation to Medicaid

    Hello, Medicaid plans are not paying psych codes such as 90871. I was told that these plans will only pay H codes. (eg H2019). Has anyone else ran into this issue? Unfortunately I cannot find much reading material on billing these codes. Thanks in advance for any advise you may have.