1. emeskina

    Question Coding all documented conditions...

    ICD-10-CM coding guidelines instruct coders to accurately capture secondary dx as documented/addressed by the provider in the body of their note and A/P to the highest specificity. We are also instructed to code all documented conditions that co-exist at the time of the encounter/visit AND...
  2. J

    Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis

    Is anyone having problems with denials when using I26.90 or I26.99 as primary diagnosis on provider claims? If so, can you explain to me why this is an issue? I don't see that the codes have been deleted or changed, and we didn't have problems with these codes until just recently.
  3. J

    CPT code 31624

    Help! New to pulmonary coding. In search of written documentation that when performing a lavage (BAL) that documentation needs to state instillation and return. Does anyone have guidelines or documentation, preferably from CMS stating the requirements? Thank you!
  4. K

    6 minute walk, 94761 vs 94620

    Hi, I am new to Pulmonary coding , I have read all the threads on this forum regarding the 6 minute walk performed with spirometry with bronchodilator vs 94761. I have a question regarding how this should be coded? I receieved an email from another coder as to how she bills this service...
  5. S

    Wiki pulmonary hypertension codes

    I find myself confused when coding echos with the pulmonary hypertension codes. When do I code secondary vs primary pulmonary hypertension?