1. MeanderingMichigander

    Coding presence of insulin pump

    I am struggling to find anything definitive either way... Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction :confused: (The below example assumes that the visit record does support both codes being discussed.) When coding the presence of an insulin pump (Z96.41), do you ALSO need to code...
  2. P

    Proton pump inhibitor effect

    Path report states this: Body-type mucosa with proton pump inhibitor effect I coded T88.7 and T47.8X5A but was told I should not have. Does anyone agree with this? Thanks in advance
  3. F

    IT Pump in abdomen 'flipped' - manual external manipulation under fluoro to correct

    What can I bill for the repositioning of the pump?? This was performed in the office. I'm fairly new to pain management billing but this seems like a rare situation! Any more experienced billers out there able to shed some light on this? Pt is a 72 year old female referred by Dr. X for 2nd...
  4. 5

    Intrathecal Pump Implant Evacuation of fluid mass

    Hi, patient presents with 1-2 months of swelling in lower back. Pt has a pump and catheter that was implanted 08/2016. The provider was concerned it is a chronic CSF leak due to catheter. Will attempt to evacuate the mass and send for culture and analysis. Provider used a 18 gauge 1.5...
  5. 5

    Granuloma for a pump patient ICD-10 code

    Hello, What DX code would support a granuloma on a patient with a implanted intrathecal catheter and pump? I see L92.3 is DX for Foreign body granuloma of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Would that support it? What Z code would you use along with it? Any help with this would be great! Have...
  6. J

    prolonged service

    We have a pharmacist that provides education on insulin pumps after the provider has seen them. Here is a sample of the dictation: Reason for Appointment 1. Insulin pump start History of Present Illness Care Coordination: Larry and his wife present to the clinic today for an...
  7. J

    How to code for a portable pump hook up

    If we are only hooking the patient up to a portable pump for continuous infusion, the pharmacy is filling the pump would we be able to bill under 96521? We could use 96523 port flush as we do have to flush their lines connecting or disconnecting the pump but it just seems there should be a more...