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    Does this qualify for the family/social/past medical history??

    Our doctor want's to charge a 99214 for this visit. I'm curious if you can use the family history, social history, and personal history when it says just 'no changes' as he did below. Does that qualify or does he have to reference the date of the last time it didn't change. For example if it...
  2. V

    Piggyback IOL done same date of service

    Patient had two IOL's inserted same surgery session traditional lens with a toric. Also had limbal relaxing incisions. Does this surgery qualify for complicated cataract surgery? Do we need to report two lens implanted for reimbursement? Thank you.
  3. P

    PQRI requirements for Neurology

    Does anyone know the PQRI requirements specifically for Neurology to qualify for Medicare reimbursement?
  4. S

    Vaccine admin codes HELP PLEASE!!

    If a patient comes in and only sees the nurse for shots & they hand them a sheet about the vaccines, would this be enough to qualify as counseling to support using 90460 instead of 90471?