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    Quality Measure

    Hi Everyone! Is there a CPT2/HCPCS or any code for that matter that identifies when a referral has been made for a diabetic retinal exam? Or any that we can use under the auspices of diabetes management that we can isolate for a referral for this test?
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    HPI - Quality

    I am hoping someone can help clarify something for me re: the definiton of "Quality". I found the definition of quality = characteristics (examples given are: inflamed, dark, splotchy, brown) Our EMR system is counting the word "New" as a quality. (Example "the lesions are new and mild in...
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    Meditech Web Ambulatory EHR

    I have been asked to assist a hospital who is a year past the original implementation "Go-Live" date with Meditech (MT) Web Ambulatory. Upon coming on-board as a resource with no previous Meditech knowledge I have found myslef struggling imensley with a multitude of MT's strategies and...
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    URGENT - Anesthesia Coders and Quality Reviewers Needed

    Anesthesia and Pain Management Coders Needed (REMOTE) Aviacode is looking for coders and quality review experts experienced in anesthesia and/or pain management with at least 2 years experience (required) and that can commit a minimum of 20 hours a week. If you are interested please see job...