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    Points on how to pass the CPC exam B Inman

    Can you give me some tips on how to answer the questions in less time. I am waiting on my score now, over a week ago I took the exam. I ran out of time with too many problems not answered. That was my first time taking the exam. Can you give me some pointers on how to spend less time on the...
  2. K

    Office Based Surgery Billing/Reimbursement

    Hello All! Does anyone have any information on office based surgery billing/actually have a surgical suite in your office? We are researching the possibility of opening a suite in office for our pain management/spine doctors to perform level II surgeries. I have a few questions: Do you still...
  3. C

    Pediatric Cardiac Coder

    Good Morning, I always struggle with pediatric cardiac coding. Is there another pediatric cardiac coder on this forum that I can bounce questions off of?
  4. L

    Wiki modifers XE, XU

    Does anyone have any examples as to how these two modifiers are actually supposed to be used? We are having questions, since we are uncertain as to their proper use. Thank You!
  5. T

    Icm dos

    I need some help coding 93290 (once every 30 days) ex: tc component 12/1/15 dr dictates 12/1/15. claim date used is 12/5/15. but tech has is to be done again 1/3/15 its getting denied bc its with 30 days. My questions is should we use the TC dos or PC dos? Does anyone know where...
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    Coders Needed - Portland, OR

    Multnomah County Health Department of Portland, Oregon has two openings for medical coders. Click here to apply. If you have any questions about the position or...
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    Cpc exam - grading status

    Waiting for my results it's in grading status.
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    Wiki How many correct to pass?

    Does anyone know what the minimum score is to pass? By my math, which I suck at, I came out with 60/75 at that right, or am I wrong? 75 questions, minus have to get at least 60 questions correct??
  9. P

    Seeking advice from anyone who specializes in peds cardio

    Hi! I recently passed my CPC exam in Oct, I recently started to take on some coding responsibilities in my office. I have tons of questions about coding Cath procedures. Is there anyone here I can send msg and seek advice? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Wiki ENT Questions

    I would love to talk to another ENT coder. I have alot of questions but I also have some resourse books that I can also share with them.
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    I am starting a position at a provider who is using Medisoft. I would like to speak to someone who is a user and ask a few questions about the program. Not sure if open discussion is allowed about software but I have a few questions. I can be reached privately at This provider...