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    Wiki Pyelogram modifier - Md or radiologist

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how apply a modifier for a pyelogram 74420 that was done during an inpatient procedure by the MD and then sent to the radiologist for reading. Does the MD get a 26 for performing the pyelogram? What does the radiologist charge for his reading? In a...
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    Wiki 47563 & 74300-26

    I am relatively new at surgery coding and was hoping someone could help clarify if our surgeons should be billing 74300-26. I located the Medicare Claims Processing Manual and also researched on Encoder and both are saying that 74300-26 is reserved for the radiologist. I have confirmed that...
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    clarify new radiology xray code HIPS

    On the New hip/pelvis codes 73501-73523 with the description is "when" pelvis is performed. I'm rejecting reports back to the radiologist but this wording "when" has left me questioning the pelvis does not have to be done.
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    Wiki What can Radiologist bill for Epidural done by another doctor in radiology office?

    Can anyone tell me what to bill for the radiologist when an outside physician uses the radiologists office to do an epidural injection? The radiologist is dictating a report documenting the fluoro used & needle placement. This is the documentation from 2 different reports: EPIDURAL CLINICAL...
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    Wiki multiple chest x-rays

    Hello, I started coding for a radiology department... we are seeing denials for multiple chest x-rays on the same date they are all medically necessary? 71010 performed by Radiologist A. 7 AM 71010 Performed by radiologist A 10 AM 71010 Performed by radiologist B 4PM 71010 performed by...
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    Wiki Removal of cholecystostomy tube

    I cannot find the CPT code for this! Anyone have any ideas? Done by interventional radiologist.
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    Wiki Radiologist performing E&M

    Can a radiologist perform and E&M Service. The group actually manages the patient care as they are specialists in mammography and carcinoma and will work with the patient by bringing them back for further exams, recommend several surgeons when a carcinoma is discovered, etc. The radiologist...