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    Dialysis Code Update

    How are Medi-Cal (CA managed care plan) providers being reimbursed for S9335 and S9339, there is no rate published for these codes. Effective 6/1/21 Z6012, Z6014, Z6030, Z6040 were terminated....
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    Pacemaker and AV Node ablation same DOS

    Would you use complete AV block for PM insertion (CPT 33207) on a patient who didn't have the block until after the pacer insertion? Pre-insertion diagnosis is: CHF, Afib and Unable to control Ventricular Rate. We are getting a denial for Medical Necessity and the nurse wants to use Complete...
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    Skin brachytherapy

    Is anyone performing skin brachytherapy? If so, is Medicare and other payers paying? Reimbursement rate?
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    Coding charges dm

    What is the ongoing rate for coding diagnostic radiology per report?
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    65400 ptk

    My doctor is asking if 65400 RT and LT are allowed to be preformed during the same session. The patient doesn't want to go to the surgery center multiple times, so we are trying to accommodate. Also, will the second eye be paid at a reduced rate because of being done the same day? I've been...
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    Is Flat Rate Charging Acceptable?

    Hello, Is a provider allowed to bill the same dollar amount for his office visits? I believe it is reference as "flat rate" billing. Codes 99201-99215 all bill at same amount regardless if have insurance or self pay. Any restrictions with state, federal laws, Medicare, etc.? Note: the...
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    Pay of COBGC in the philippines

    What would be an appropriate hourly rate for a CPC/ COBGC in the Philippines. The Paranaque City area.