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    Wiki Retroactive Insurance And Refunds

    We have a received a refund request from our local BCBS plan for services rendered between September and December 2020. For 2021, the patient enrolled on their parent's Kaiser plan in addition to BCBS. We did not discover this until we were checking eligibility for 2021 and noticed the secondary...
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    Wiki WHO SHOULD GET THE REFUND? Both Medicare and Aetna paid as primary

    We have a patient in which both Medicare and Aetna paid for multiple dates of service as primary payers. Our office contacted both insurance companies who assured our office that they were in fact the primary payer. In turn, we contacted the patient to ask that they contact Medicare and Aetna...
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    Wiki Insurance refunds

    Hello, I was wondering if there was someone who has great experience in dealing with this? We don't really have a protocol set in place and normally allow the insurance to recoup when applicable. But I'm wanting information on how to handle the claims that were truly over paid and insurance...