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    Economic Study Methodology for Cost Savings

    Hello, Our company is developing a non-invasive brain monitor for diagnosing and continuously monitoring various neurological conditions. Our device is positioned as a supplement to EVDs (External Ventricular Drains) and as a way for physicians to immediately understand if there is any...
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    Help with Med Assets

    Has anyone had trouble with Med Assets giving green check marks on pairs but then the insurance bundles them? Then when during further research, Med Assets is wrong. Is there one that is much better and more reliable than Med Assets? Thank you !
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    How long is too long?

    I am new to the industry and am hoping someone out there can give me some guidance. The clinic where I work has a provider who is way behind on completing her notes and closing her encounters out. Some of her encounters are up to a year old. Now she is leaving so she is finally closing them and...
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    da Vinci robotic assisted hysterectomy

    Help! We just aquired a da Vinci robot to assist in the OR. However, I am at a loss on how to code for this procedures. I'm not sure whether to use the laparoscopic codes or add a modifier or if there is a technical code to use. I've tried doing some research on the web, but have gotten...