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    Wiki Radical Resection Help

    Hello, I am coding for an orthopedic oncologist that has performed a radical resection of a soft tissue sarcoma located in the right forearm that I am needing some advice on. The surgeon resected the sarcoma as well as part of the ulna that was underneath the sarcoma. My first thought was to...
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    Wiki Diagnostic or Therapeutic Wedge

    I am not very confident in this part of my coding and I want to make sure I am coding this correctly. The op note is below and I want to code it wit 32608: :confused::confused: History of an abdominal GIST tumor s/p resection a few years ago. As part of her monitoring she was found to have a...
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    Wiki Need help with Wedge resection of sigmoid colon

    Im still fairly new to coding General surgery and this one has me stumped. The surgeon performed a Wedge Resection of sigmoid colon mass with primary closure Here's the operative report, any help would be greatly appreciated: DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The is a surgical operation, which is an...
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    Wiki Lower anterior resection with colostomy closure

    What would be the cpt code for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Donna
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    Wiki transanal endoscopic resection of rectal mass with a twist

    Has anyone ever heard of your doc doing a transanal endoscopic resection of a rectal mass or polyp (45171 or 45172) but also came in laparscopically? I am thinking I will need an unlisted code but I was wondering if anyone else had ever come across this? Procedure notes: first co surgeon...