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    Question How to Bill for a Resident as an Assistant Surgeon for a C-Section

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has any input on this. How would you bill the resident charges if they were the assistant during a c-section and their supervising physician was the primary surgeon? The primary surgeon would be the billing provider on both claims which is not possible since the...
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    Resident name on claim

    When billing with the GC modifier for professional services do you need the residents name on the claim? Do you use the residents name in field 24j (I know the corresponding loop whatever - I'm old school) and the supervising/teaching physicians name in field 33 (again whatever loop is relevant)?
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    Resident Claims

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    Attestations For Non-Billable

    Hello, I have recently started coding for peds surgery who have a lot of residents writing the notes for post-ops. Does anyone know or have any valid documentation stating something regarding proper attestations for non-billable visits? Thank you so much in advance! :)
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    Resident Involvement

    Hi Team, I need some clarification in Hospital Coding.If Resident done the procedure without MD involvement.In this Concept in Professional we are not able to Bill. For Facility also the same as followed in Professional or we can Bill?? Kindly please clarify
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    Resident Surgery

    Hello All! Looking for help clarifying surgical assist involving residents. I'm not 100% comfortable and therefore I keep doubting and confusing myself. First off, if a resident is the first assistant, I understand we can not bill for there service but would it be necessary to add a GC...
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    Auditing Resident and Attending hospital documentation

    I am auditing some inpatient hospital notes and I am trying to determine if I can use the electronic H&P by the resident along with the Handwritten H&P of the resident and the Attending's handwritten H&P. If you used the following information would you bill based on the handwritten notes only...
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    Help....documentation needed to bill for assistant surgeon

    What information is needed in the OP note to bill for an assistant surgeon. I know the AS name should be in the OP note header, but what do they need to say in the OP note? Does the primary say what portions of the surgery the assistant performed? Can an attending go into the OR and...
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    Teaching physician attestations

    Can teaching physicians attest to notes on dates of service that they did not see the patient (as long as they state the date they saw the patient), in order to use the elements of the resident's note for coding the level of service? Example: teaching physician attests to resident's 12/1...
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    Questions regarding teaching physicians/residents

    Hi, This question is regarding teaching hospitals with residents. I'll write a scenario: A Resident is called to consult a patient on June 1. The teaching physician does not physically see the patient until June 2, and attests to the Resident's June 1 note saying, "Time of eval 9am June 2. I...
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    Resident Assist Billing

    Hello All, John Smith University is a teaching facility whose billing educators have directed the coding department that they can and should bill separately for resident surgeons/assists, on procedures that are eligible for assistant surgical charges, for commercial and self pay patients only...