1. buskeys

    Question Behavioral Health and Psych Resources

    Hi! Does anyone have any good Behavioral Health and/or Psychiatry resources for coders? Whether that be books, manuals, articles, papers etc. Thanks :)
  2. R

    New to Behavioral Health

    Does anyone have any good resources (books,websites,guidelines,etc) that they find useful when coding for Behavioral Health? Our clinic just recently brought on two Behavioral Health providers and I would appreciate any and all recommendations on coding for Behavioral Health as this will be a...
  3. R

    Remote Coding Productivity Resources

    I am trying to find more resources for national standards or regional standards on coding productivity models and what the average charges by type (Hospital, Endo, etc.) are done by other practices. I have been only marginally successful in finding an official resource that I am comfortable with...
  4. S

    Healthcare Business Monthly Jan 2017

    Where is the issue for Jan., 2017? Does anyone know why it is not yet posted? Is it still being published? It is not only valuable for information, and keeping us updated on changes, but it is a nice source of a CEU each month, and practical knowledge. Thanks. Diane
  5. A

    Nerve coding resources

    We have a new provider in our surgery practice who is bringing in a lot of nerve related procedures. Are there resources out there that anyone can suggest? Thanks
  6. H

    Documentation within the EMR

    Good Morning, We are one week into using Athena as our EMR. We are a small 1 physician practice. My physician is having difficulty understanding why a conuslt/soap note is still required if he is "checking" off all the pertinent boxes. I know that we need it, but am looking for some helpful...