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    Wiki Revenue Code 0278 vs 0274 for Allografts

    For allografts, is it more appropriate to bill revenue code 0278 or 0274? And should the same revenue code be used for all insurances?
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    Wiki Determining Appropriate Revenue Code

    I'm looking for assistance and potential resources for determining the appropriate revenue code to link to services. What revenue code should these services be linked to? 96372 Thank you
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    Wiki Revenue code crosswalk

    Does anyone here have access to Revenue Code crosswalk tools like Uniform Billing Editor or Revenue Cycle Pro? I need a help with 6 codes.
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    Wiki Residential Revenue Codes for ASAM 3.1 and 3.5 LOC

    My Administrator believes that there is a different coding set for Residential 3.1 and 3.5 LOC. I have been unable to locate a revenue code other than 1002, can anyone tell me if there is another one? Thanks!
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    Wiki Revenue code 250 vs 636

    Can anyone out there tell me the real difference between these two, I have read the guidelines but still unsure when to use the 250 versus the 636, My guess is to use 636 for injectables and the 250 po