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    Wiki Criteria for Inpatient/Outpatient facilities

    I am having difficulty finding the criteria for a patient seeking substance abuse treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Do they have to have a certain amount of daily therapy to be considered inpatient/outpatient? Is it up to the provider's discretion, or is there a certain amount of...
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    Wiki FQHC and Revenue codes

    We are a FQHC and have been getting denials from Medicare stating that the revenue codes are invalid or missing. Here is one example. We are currently billing the 0521 revenue code for our 99213 and a 0636 revenue code for J1885. Should the J1885 be billed for the 0521 as well? Any help or...
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    Wiki Can this revenue code be billed without a CPT/HCPCS?

    I've just received my CPC-A and have no billing experience. I'm trying to educate myself with these billing scenarios and would appreciate guidance on what steps I would take to find the conclusion. "A home health and hospice care facility is billing revenue code 272 with no HCPCS or CPT code...
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    Wiki Help! Need a probable Revenue Code to accompany 36511: Therapeutic apheresis

    Can anyone tell me the likely Hosp Outpt revenue code that would go with CPT code 36511: Therapeutic apheresis; for white blood cells? Please and thank you! :confused:
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    Wiki Revenue Code Selection

    Our organization provides adult substance abuse and mental health services. We provide residential, PHP and IOP services. We would like to bill for the professional psychotherapy sessions that our pyschiatrist and internal medicine visits that our internal medicine physician providers...