1. K

    Revenue Codes that require a CPT or HCPCS

    I am auditing Revenue Codes to ensure that there is CPT or HCPCS correlating to charge. Is there a list that says what Revenue Codes require a CPT or a HCPCS. I have a good idea but just wonder if there is a master list. I have read that these types of Revenue Codes referred to as non-exempt...
  2. J

    Looking to Sell Small Medical Billing Business

    I have a small 8 provider Medical Revenue Management company I have had for 6 years I am interested in selling. I have ventured into a new business industry and that business is something I really want to continue to focus on. I have been making 60k-/+ for years now and this has been the sole...
  3. L

    Physiacian Documentation

    Please help Does anyone know of a resource that shows when it is ok to ask a physician to add documentation to a chart and when it is not because it may be mistaken as trying to get more revenue for the visit (upcoding). We have not been able to find anything in writting. Does anyone have...