1. S

    Wiki RHC Coding Resources

    Hi there, OP Profee coder here. I've recently been assigned a group of RHC's at my new job, and although I have experience I'm looking for resources to refresh my memory. I'm finding a lot of resources for billing and compliance, but not much in the way of coding. I'm looking for something that...
  2. M

    Wiki RHC Visits and procedures

    I am needing some clarification on what a constitutes a "qualifying visit" in a RHC. Per the definition "a RHC visit is a medically-necessary medical or mental health visit, or a qualified preventive health visit. The visit must be a face-to-face (one-on--one) encounter between the patient and...
  3. H

    Wiki CAH with Rural Health Clinic

    Question: RHC billing for L3908 w/a qualifying visit (99214), does the L3908 get billed with the 521 revenue code or another rev code? If so, what rev code should be used? thank you!! Jody H
  4. baroquecoder

    Wiki RHC E/M w/Vaccine

    Hello! Is an E/M always billed with a vaccination in the RHC? I am being advised that ‘since the doctor has to see the patient in an RHC’ to always bill with E/M, when the sole purpose of the visit is the vaccination... my understanding is that all E/Ms regardless of location must be medically...