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    Question shoulder tendonitis arthrocentesis

    Im trying to see if my doctor is coding correctly for a shoulder arthrocentesis. He is putting Shoulder Tendonitis arthrocentesis and choosing 20610. Is that correct or would 20605 be more appropriate?
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    Wiki IV Billing without Rheumatologist

    Is it acceptable for a Rheumatologist to bill for infusions when he is not in the office/infusion center? The office will have another non-Rheumatologist physician in the office/infusion center when the Rheumatologist is gone. What is the appropriate method to bill and are there references for...
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    J1094 & j3490

    I have a rheumatologist who is billing for J1094. I know this code is not payable anymore per the Medicare Fee Schedule, and per previous form posts I billed J3490. Medicare is denying the J3490 stating the code is not valid for these date of service. They are all dates of service for the end of...