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    Coding Help for ABA-Autism Billing

    Can anyone help me with a billing/coding question in regards to ABA services, codes 0364T and 0365T? I need to know what the guideline/rules are for billing the secondary code 0365T, as far as the times/rounding up? What is the guideline, for billing the secondary code and rounding up? Does it...
  2. L

    Diagnosis order

    I am having a hard time trying to understand the pecking order for diagnosis codes that have -use additional code to identify under a chapter then also -use additional code to identify underneath the code you are choosing. For example: Hypertensive diseases (I10-I16) -it says to use additional...
  3. R

    Need help creating edits in MICRO MD

    Does anyone have experience with Edits/Rules in MICRO MD? I have several I need to create but running into a few issues. Thank you!
  4. M

    MI's and Stents

    what are the rules for using the stent code 92941 for MI's? must it be within a certain time frame? If so what is that time frame? thanks
  5. A

    I am doing CPC prep course and need Help!

    Hi, I am struggling and am only working on ICD 10 codes right now. Anyone got any advice on how to study for this? I cant seem to remember the order and rules for all the codes. Thank you!
  6. T

    New to Outpatient Hospital Coding

    Scenario: A patient is registered in the hospital as outpatient and the physician sees the patient. Do they bill under 99201-99205 or 99211-99215? New versus established rules would apply in this case. Any help is appreciated.
  7. S

    HIPAA rules

    Can someone tell me if we do not have the patient's signature on the HIPAA form, are we able to go ahead and bill his insurance? He did give us his insurance information, we just neglected to get his signature on some forms.