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    Wiki Estimating physician payment for unlisted procedure

    We do a good job of finding comparator codes, but RVUs, as well as payment from commercial payers have to ge estimated. What happens if you overestimate in the eyes of the payer? Is there a penalty? Our estimates are data-based, but it’s not an exact science.
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    Wiki Prp rvus

    My provider has started doing PRP injections in the office. We are aware that the insurances do not cover 0232T and therefore we cannot find any work RVUs. Can anyone share with me what work RVUs your physicians are being assigned for this procedure? Please and thank you.
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    Wiki Studying for Family Practice Certification

    I am interested in sitting for the CFPC credential, but where I currently work does not bill Medicare. I was looking at the overview on what the test consists of and knowing the rules and regulations of Medicare billing is listed. I am unsure if just reading over the guidelines would be...