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    Wiki Should I leave my comfortable but monotonous low pay job for something better? What would you do?

    So, I'm a full time risk adjustment medical coder approaching my two-year work anniversary. This is the first job I've been able to keep this long so it feels weird that I'm happily bowing out and not desperate to quit immediately like previous jobs ive held. It's a relatively easy and...
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    Wiki Applying for first job//starting salary??

    I’m in the process of applying for my first coding position. I have completed school and will be taking my exam in February. I’m curious as to what salary/hourly pay I should be asking for as a newbie. I don’t want to ask too little or too much. Can anyone give me an idea of what I should be...
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    Salary - provider based

    Hello- I have seen salary guides as to what Medical Billing Specialists on average are paid throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, the salary guides do not specify how many providers // patient foot track those salaries are based off of. If anyone would be able to share; 1. what state you live in...
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    CPC Salary?

    I have been coding for 5 years and certified for 1.5. What hourly wage should I ask for for a billing AND coding position in Colorado? It's for a third party billing company.
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    Salary Survey

    Out of curiosity, I want to find out how much you're all earning, where you're currently located (state or country), years of experience, position you're holding and the facility type.
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    Wiki What is the average salary of a medical coder in florida?

    How much is a medical coder's salary in Florida? Please tell me average hourly, weekly and monthly salaries for medical coding professional with 3+ years of experience. Thank you!
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    Inpatient Coder II Salary Range

    Good Afternoon, I am doing some research on coder salaries and was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing salary ranges for an Inpatient Coder II position. This would be someone who codes BOTH inpatient and outpatient accounts in a facility setting. Thank you!
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    CPC salary in Northern MI

    Curious as to the average salary of a CPC in northern Michigan at a family practice?
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    Wiki Average salary of CPC in Northern Michigan family practice

    Curious as to the average salary of a CPC in northern Michigan?
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    Employment Opportunities - Hines, IL

    Edward Hines Jr. Hospital currently has positions open for Inpatient Lead Coder and Outpatient Lead Coder. Salary range is $25.41 to 33.04. We are also looking for Inpatient and Outpatient Coders salary range $14.99 to $29.92 depending on experience. Telework/remote work may be available for...