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    Wiki E/M Personal History of Skin Cancer

    Our office is discussing E/M levels for patients with personal history of skin cancers. These patients are coming in annually/biannually and some are only seen for their history of skin cancer, is this considered a chronic condition? Our coders are back and forth with coding these as 99212 or 99213.
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    Wiki 63042/63030-51

    The patient underwent a "revision L5-S1 decompression/microdiskectomy". Diagnosis "Lumbar radiculopathy with scar tissue formation and intractable pain" From the op note "...recent MRI of the lumbar spine demonstrated significant scar tissue in & around the S1 nerve root..." Would the use of...
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    Wiki o34.21

    Can we use this code for either prenatal test or genetic carrier screening? It just doesn't make sense why uterine scar from previous cesarean delivery would matter to the tests. Thank you, April